To inspire a kinder world with greeting cards meant for all and no occasions! 

Koren | Life-Long Card Maker | Toronto, ON
The website uses "we" a lot as if Kokocards is a team of people.'s just a shop of one, me!
Card making has always been a passion of mine. I loved making extravagant card creations as gifts. A handmade card is thoughtful and the best part is it doesn't cost more than some art supplies and a little creative juice. Seeing my friends and family open my cards always got me so excited.
I started Kokocards so that I could share my card making passion and help others create heartfelt moments with their loved ones too. Receiving surprise mail with a hand written note inside is the best feeling. 
At the root of it all, I just want to make things that make people smile and chuckle - no occasion necessary!  ♡