Instead of tagging your friend in a meme, we want to create products that millennials would actually want to buy and give to someone in real life. The goal is to make products that you see and instantly want to share and surprise someone with. And if nothing speaks to you, we got custom orders for that!

Koren | Life-Long Card Maker
The website uses "we" in all of its product captions as if Kokocards is a team of people. But no, it's just me.
Card making has always been a passion of mine. It was the perfect gift for picky people and didn't cost me more than some art supplies and a little creative juice. Seeing my friends and family open my cards always got me so excited. I started Kokocards so that I could share my card making passion and help others create heartfelt moments with their loved ones too.
From there, I've branched out to prints and apparel. At the root of it all, I just want to make things that make people smile and connect with!  ♡