Custom House Warming Card

If you have a friend who just bought a new home, they're probably really broke right now. The least you could do is get them a custom home illustration to commemorate this milestone!


1) Purchase an order

2) We will reach out via email within 48 hours to collect more information (i.e. background on the recipient, custom lettering, photos etc.)

3) We email you a sketched version of the card for you to approve which you will have 24 hours to respond.

4) Once you are happy with the sketched version, we complete the custom card and email you a photo of the final product

5) We email you a photo of the final product for you to approve within 24 hours. Once it is approved, we mail it to your address!


1) Cards come in 3 options

  •  6" x 4" standard photo size, easy to be framed (good for wedding cards)
  •  6" x 4.5" folded card (good for birthday and less formal cards)
  •  Any custom size up to 9" x 12" however, additional charge may apply

2) Takes approximately 10 business days (from order to arrival at your door), however if you have rush orders, please email us first before purchasing

3) Each card is 100% handmade with Copic markers, blood, sweat, and tears

4) As it is all custom, you can specify any lettering or hand written notes on card. We would also love to help you come up with the design if you're unsure!

5) Comes with 100% recyclable envelope