Toronto is Home Print - Behind the Scenes

AYYY FAM! I just recently launched my website which features my "Toronto is Home" products. This post is all about the inspiration and design behind the print. And for those of you that live under a rock or don't live in Toronto, it'll also be a mini 101 Toronto Slang lesson for ya.


Language brings a community together and slang plays an integral part of the process. I love how you learn new slang terms solely by word of mouth and who you hang out with. Everything happens so naturally that you don't even realize where, when, or how you acquired these new additions to your vocabulary! Slang is also fluid, with various interpretations depending on the particular region of the city. (I've had to argue the difference between Checking and Dealing way too many times). Being a frequent user of Toronto slang words, I thought to myself, if I could have only one print on my walls, I would want all my favourite Toronto slang words squeezed onto an 18x24 inch poster. It would have the power to make any space feel like home to me, no matter where in the world it was. And that's how the idea began!


I wanted the poster to be extremely detailed, so that you could be consumed by the words and get lost in the maze if you let yourself. But with an infinite list of words I wanted to incorporate, I knew it needed an overarching structure, so that the poster still had a focus. Therefore, I embedded a Toronto is Home flag in black to make it stand out, and then created a silhouette of two people shouting at each other before filling in the rest. I started designing my top slang words first so that they were prioritized with more real estate than other filler words. I came up with designs for each word and ultimately tried to brainstorm ways to make my poster make people want to LAUGH and SHOUT! BUMBAAAACLOT.


I'll let you explore the poster print on your own, but there are a few parts that I L O V E and I thought I'd give them a bit of extra attention.

Ratchet: These bamboo inspired earrings are iconic. You either know or have seen someone with these earrings. Heck, you probably own a pair yourself. Now, they don't only come in one style. They can frequently be found with the words Angel, Baby, or if you're just so much better than that, they can be customized with your name.

Wasteman: Drake sings the infamous line, "Don't go back to your ex, he's a wasteman". Well is it true? Is your ex a wasteman? If they don't do their own laundry, can't seem to remember your birthday but texts you at 2 am to see if you're up, they're probably a wasteman. If they're hanging at the passenger side of their best friend's ride, trying to holler at you...they're probably a wasteman. The wasteman word is closely positioned next to the raccoon and the green bin trash, cause they're all related to one thing - garbage.

Link Up: No matter where you are, the crew's gotta know what's good. Link up on the celly to tell them where to reach the livest party. I chose a picture of a flip phone instead of an iPhone to help remind us of a better decade.

These are just a few of my favourite details of the poster. If you're still lost, check out and your confusion will quickly dissipate. What's your favourite Toronto slang word? What did I miss? Check out the Toronto is Home collection here!