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The Koko of Kokocards

When I buy goods from a maker, I love to get a little insight into the maker's personality and life. Yes, I'm nosey, but it also helps me feel more connected to the product and how it got it's soul! So this is me and some fun facts in 10 points:

  1. Born & raised in Scarborough, Toronto
  2. Accountant (for now...) by day, card maker by night
  3. Asian and female. Woah, excuse you, I'm an excellent driver
  4. Lover of hip hop, RnB and pretty much all music except country (sorry)
  5. Did Chinese folk dancing for ten years but would much rather dance to dancehall 
  6. If it's not on sale, I'm not buying
  7. Can drink anyone under the table! lol just kidding I'm allergic to alcohol
  8. But thats okay, I will still dance the night away sober
  9. In my past life I think I worked at a nail salon
  10. Has the best and most supportive friends & family anyone could ask for!!!

Feel like you know me now? K, come explore with me :D