We mail direct to recipients!

Random Cards of Kindness

What's it about?

The reason why Kokocards came to existence is because I love giving out cards. Not just birthday cards or cards to celebrate special occasions, but...just because cards! Receiving cards and handwritten notes when you least expect it is the best feeling and it feels even better to give them.

I understand that Life with a capital L gets in the way and these small acts get forgotten in the rush. It's my mission to bring snail mail back into your life so I'm making card giving easy.

1. Add card(s) to cart

2. Use code RANDOM for free shipping

3. Set the shipping address as the recipient's home or work mailing address

4. In the "Special Instructions" box, type To: NAME as well as the message

If ordering multiple, specify which card is for who as well as the right address

I will mail it directly to the recipient with your message handwritten inside!


To answer this, I want you to think about what it would feel like if you got a surprise card with a sweet note inside. Damn, that feels good. 

Whether it's from a manager, best friend, sister - it can make any bad day optimistic when you receive a positive note from someone who's thinking of you.

For the price of an overpriced latte, you can make a positive difference.