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Post 1: Did you make it to my Custom Card Top 5 List????

So I'm going to do a series of my Top 5 Favourite Custom Cards. For each post, I'm going to feature how the order came about, and how the design of the card came to life. If you've ordered a card from me...who knows, maybe you'll be featured!

For the first out of the 5, I'm going to naturally have to choose my VERY FIRST PAYING CUSTOMER! She found my page on Instagram and sent me a DM.

The card was for her brother's graduation and he's a huge fan of Kanye. The first thing I thought of was the album College Dropout because the name was so relevant. I suggested that we do the College Dropout bear and put him in a college jacket with the M for McMaster. Serious stroke of genius right??? I got so excited I looked up an image of the bear and drew the card right away.

First Version of the Card

College Dropout Kanye Card

Insert plot twist: (as twisted as the plot of card making can get anyways) When I finished the card I showed one of my close friends who is also a huge fan of Kanye. His reaction was pretty underwhelming and he was like, "...wait this bear looks so damn sad and this guy is supposed to be graduating from university."

True. You have a point. This card does look very solemn. Damn it. Now, I can be a very lazy person at times because I realllyyyyy don't like making cards over again. There is usually a way to cover my mistakes lol. But the more I looked at this bear, the more I realized how inappropriate this depressed bear looked lol. So I redid the entire card and drew the soaring Kanye bear instead. Which in retrospect, if I wasn't so Kanye clueless, really should have drawn in the first place...

Final Version of the Card

college dropout kanye graduation bear card

Anyways, she said her brother loved it and she even got a little frame for it and everything :) The funny part is that I was so nervous to overcharge that I only quoted $10. So when you incorporate the time I spent designing the card and then making 2 versions of it, plus materials, I was making well below minimum wage. But that's okay! Because from there, Kokocards was officially official!

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